BATSOne constant decor issue that continues to link all divorced men together after moving into their new space, is not the wagon wheel coffee table from “When Harry met Sally”, the worn, navy blue, corduroy recliner with the pizza sauce stain on the seat or the 4″ soap scum deposit that happily resides on the sliding glass shower doors, no, no, no, it’s none of that…..ok, maybe it is some of that!

The #1 universal common denominator, that crosses all borders, languages and ethnicities, is what I like to refer to as “B.A.T.S in the belfry”…….Big Ass Television Syndrome. 


“What is the BIGGEST ASS TV I can purchase to mount on my wall?” is always the first silent question, followed by a speeding car ride to Best Buy. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. What’s wrong, however, is that there needs to be other things in the room to accompany the recently acquired rectangle of visual pleasure in order for that space to be welcoming, aesthetically pleasing and feel like home again.


SECONDS after Jon moved into his new post divorce space, he purchased a Mini Cooper, I mean a TV the size of a Mini Cooper. And although he utilized his family room couch from his pre divorce home, a wooden coffee table from a friend and an end table from his aunt Ida, his new space was feeling more like a college dorm rather than a home. There was nowhere for guests to sit and simply talk. His space needed to reflect his personal style as well as be functional and inviting. Often times, especially men, (sorry guys) have no clue how to make a space welcoming. Frequently, after navigating through the nightmare of divorce, the new space is overlooked. The irony however, is that the new space is even more important than ever. It has to feel like you actually live there, not like you’re visiting. When parents have joint custody, for instance, the children really need to feel a sense of permanency. The way to achieve that is to put the effort, time and money into making a house into a home. By doing this you mean to STAY. The last thing anyone wants to feel, is that at any moment, you will be uprooted and moved again.


  • Create a sense of balance with 2 seating areas
  • Repurposed old couch slip covered and placed in front of TV
  • Punctuated couch with beautiful blue pillows to create a color direction
  • Flanked TV with 2 swivel chairs (opposite couch) to create conversational area when TV is not in use
  • Added colorful area rug to floor to designate and ground the space
  • Color story-repainted the TV room in a deep rich blue (based on Jon’s personal love of boating)
  • Replaced heavy wooden coffee table with glass table to update and give the illusion of more real estate in the room.


“The we2me experience was great! Jodi gave me something I didn’t know was missing, a place that felt like home again.
She figured out what my favorite colors were so that every time I walked into that room & saw that blue, it reminded me of boating…one of my favorite things. My kids were now happy to invite their friends over and I was actually house proud. Not only could I watch TV and veg out, but I could also sit quietly with a glass of wine and talk to a friend. My place now had a sense of being grounded. It finally looked liked someone lived here. I was ready to move on. Perhaps having a date over will be next…….”