Going from we to me, couple to single, as you’ve navigated through the emotional aftermath of divorce can be very challenging. Having already walked in your shoes, I know the way to a happy and peaceful environment for you and your family. And while it might be difficult to let go of certain aspects of your old life, moving forward and bringing fresh new life into your home can do wonders for your emotional health.


1. Not sure what color to paint your room or where to put your stuff?

Like great chemistry with a friend, the right colors blend and collide together altering your mood and raising your spirits in a profound and uplifting way. Equally important is deciding where things go, which things need to replaced and what stuff is weighing you down.

For instance, bringing your marital mattress into your new space might not be a great idea after a divorce. But re-purposing your grandma’s coffee table may be the just thing that lights up your space and elevates your mood.

The next question is: Where does all of this stuff go? Furniture and accessory placement can make the difference between a space that flows and feels great or a room that is cramped, cluttered and depressing. The true measure of a house is not about how it looks, it’s how it makes you feel!



2. Reclaim your space and start your new life!

PROBLEM: Cramped, crowded and suffocating your physical and emotional well being, this room is filled with clutter and way too much furniture. The harsh yellow walls along with no accent colors is a bit jarring and hard on the eyes.

Old family photos of the EX prominently displayed on the mantel is clearly not emotionally uplifting. By blocking the natural light and beautiful view of nature that the large windows can provide, you are unintentionally creating a depressing, anti-healing vibe for the whole space. After all, everyone wants a “room with a view.”

There is nothing in this room that celebrates the home owners personal style or identity. I can soooo help with that!



3. Get your MOJO back through color and design!

SOLUTION: Immediately getting rid of the the family portrait with the EX and replacing it with a colorful piece of art will instantly create a beautiful focal point in the room.

It is very important to have something bold to rest your eyes upon that makes a powerful statement about who you are. In this case, that piece is a colorful, abstract reclining figure.

From that one single piece of art, we are then able to pull out uplifting colors and create a beautiful pallet that will work its way around the room. Take notice to the pillows, the upholstery and the accessories, all of which derive their pallet from the main focal point in this lovely room.

For the home owner, this painting reperesents a happy memory as it was a gift from her mother. Decluttering was a a priority as well. A clear space = a clear head, and a clear head makes room for peace, clarity and emotional security. After all, your home needs to be your sanctuary, a place that makes you feel secure and happy.

Also, by painting the walls this soft, warm white (SW- 7757 High Reflective White) we now have the perfect platform to add bright pops of color accents.

So go ahead and can choose something that makes you SMILE as inspiration. It can be anything from a favorite scarf to the color of your dog’s fur!

Happy space, happy face!