1. Mellow Yellow

Like great chemistry with a friend, colors blend and collide together altering your mood and lifting your spirits in a profound way.

Not so mellow, yellow is the brightest color to the human eye. One shade up or down can make the difference between a restless or mellow environment. The use of Color to elevate and inspire our mood dates back thousands of years. Some of the most colorful cultures in the world such as Egypt, India and China are perfect examples of these joyous marriages of infinite pigments. Color is organic, holistic and an instant MOOD altering tool.

All living things need light. Did you know that Color is just light in a bunch of varying wavelengths? This light energy (color) has been scientifically proven to have a deep and significant emotionally and physically healing effect on all people.


2. I’m too old to live in a dorm!

**PROBLEM** – There is too much yellow and no accent colors! This lemony shade of yellow is also a bit harsh for what should be a restful bedroom. As yellow gets darker, it can look dirty and depressing. The “poo-poo” colored carpeting does not help either. The furniture has hard lines and needs to be softened so the space feels more inviting. This room desperately needs to be accessorized!

And of course, only having the essentials and NO personalized touches make the room feel neglected just like a college student treats their dorm room.


3. 50 shades of YAY!

**SOLUTION** – Although there are waaaay more than 50 shades of gray and yellow, choosing just the right shade was crucial. By painting the walls this soft warm gray (SW- 7004 Snow Bound) I created the perfect platform to use bright pops of yellow accents. Reversing the balance of yellow actually gave the bedroom a personality. I placed a cool piece of modern art placed above the bed, drawing your eye upwards and making the ceiling seem higher. The cozy throw and pillows balance out the rest of the room and make the bed inviting. Finally, I added warm yellow lighting, flanking the bed to adding a magical glow to this peaceful space. And oh ya, I changed out the “poo-poo” colored carpet so it would be a similar color to the walls. This makes the room look even bigger because you can’t see where the walls and the floor begin or end. Now thats what I call 50 shades of YAY!!!