1. Seeing RED is a good thing!

Science has proven that women wearing a red color or standing against a red background in photos are seen as more attractive and sexually desirable by men than women not wearing red or near those red backgrounds. Not surprisingly, men who are wearing red or standing in front of a red background have the same influence on how women respond. When men are in red or against red, women find them more attractive as well as more sexually desirable. So seeing RED is a GOOD thing!!! 👀 👠

2. Wiping the slate clean.

**PROBLEM** – I would definitely fall asleep on this toilet because of the BLAH paint color! The **slate has already been wiped clean** with these nondescript color choices. There are no contrasting elements, no art and no warmth. ALL rooms are worthy of a piece of art whether it’s an heirloom piece or something cool from a garage sale. Art and color create a mood & invite the visitor to experience something pleasurable. So let’s spice it up! 😘 ❣️

3. Spicing it up for “V” day!!!

**SOLUTION** – First, I painted the walls and ceiling a spicy, sexy red (SW- 6868 Real Red)! The red is also flattering to your complexion.
By painting the ceiling the same color as the walls, the space gives the illusion of having higher ceilings. I hung an heirloom piece of Chinese art to the left of the sink to fill in the empty space and balance out the mirror and sink. I stacked old leather bound books that I found in a garage sale on top of a side table that I spray painted teal blue (for a pop of color). There are also Chinese Art books under the sink, just in case you want to linger a little longer. Finally, a red and teal oriental rug to draw attention away from the fake stone flooring. Remember, the bathroom can be a romantic place to meet your special someone…so light some candles and make a date! 😍💄💋