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“Moving in or moving out…overwhelmed and not sure what color to paint your rooms or where to put all of your stuff, no worries, I got your back!”

we2me™ creates happy peaceful spaces as you’ve gone from “we to me”, couple to single, married to widow, new couples struggling to blend households — or any other lifestyle transition… 

This service alleviates that stress, promoting emotional well-being and a more positive state of mind, through the healing power of color, design and laughter!

interior design — color consults — mentoring — downsizing — home staging — commissioned art — public speaking — workshops

“My client slapped me–and I liked it!”

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Imagine feeling homeless in your own home…looking around and nothing feels like it used to…

I created “we2me” after navigating through a very difficult divorce. Personally going from we to me, married to single, left me feeling disconnected from my life and uncomfortable in my own home. I realized that creating a space that was comforting and nourishing could be achieved through the uplifting healing power of color and design.

Taking back my space brought me back to life. And what a life I had…I eventually met the man of my dreams, my soulmate, Kenneth. We had ten beautiful years together and then I lost him to cancer. So once again, I’ve gone from a “we to me.” This time, married to widow. There are no words, there is no suitable description to express the profound sadness and emotional desolation that one feels after such a loss. This time, I honor the space that my husband and I shared together. The space where we got engaged, married and the space where he died. My home continues to comfort and uplift me, as I am surrounded by loving, joyful memories and things that make me smile.

Design is cathartic. It is a spiritual process that can help us heal. Seeing and feeling the space around us with all of its textures, colors and silhouettes will promote emotional well-being. It will balance and steady us, elevating our spirits as we dig deeply to find our inner peace.

“Kenneth Alan Spinner, my husband… full of love, dignity and grace. I will love you always, Jodith.”

“Like great chemistry between friends, the right colors blend and collide together, altering your mood and uplifting your spirits in a profoundly happy way. Equally important, is deciding where things go, which things need to be replaced and what stuff is emotionally weighing you down.”


Jodi Topitz, interior designer, color expert, author, artist, talk show host and founder of we2me® , a unique Interior Design and Mentoring Service, is known for her witty, empowering and inspirational advice on everything from home improvement to self love. Learn how to create a space that makes you smile!

Jodi has appeared on television, radio and in-person events. She is also the author of “SERIOUSLY! As if going through Divorce wasn’t bad enough…” and has over 30 years of experience as an stylist, artist and designer.

With Host Bert Baron on 1450 Talk Radio WCTC, the Voice of Central Jersey. Bert welcomes Jodi to discuss the interesting post-divorce service she offers!



we2me® TV

Jodi is the Award-winning host of a “feel-good, heal-good light at the end of the tunnel” decorating and mentoring show that demonstrates the power of a nourishing space after the nightmare of transitioning from we to me (married to single). 

There is crying, laughing and a kick ass journey going from “just a house” to a home again. In addition, each episode features a different divorce professional joining Jodi, to share their tips as well.

This episode of we2me, with very special guest John Lindo, garnered the most online views of any program on Princeton TV for 2017.

Video courtesy Princeton Community TV


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Video courtesy Princeton Community TV



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    “Your space is not just where you live, it’s the place where life happens…let me help you with that.”




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    “SERIOUSLY! As if going through a Divorce wasn’t bad enough…” Guaranteed to make you laugh and cry … and not feel so alone.

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