How to choose an accent color for your space.


1. Create an inspiration board of your favorite color.

Don’t give it any thought. Just pick the things that make you smile and put them on a board or in a folder. Check out the orange area rug in the bottom left corner of the inspiration board…that will be the inspiration and accent color for the before family room below. Accent colors can be gently peppered throughout a space or used to create a powerful POP in a room.


2. So much is wrong with this room.

Before (family room)

PROBLEM – Cluttered furniture placement, distracting wall, ceiling and shelving paint colors, outdated coffee table, messy mantel and TV location all need to be changed. The multiple paint colors create chaos and a choppy, less cohesive look for the room. The mantel is clunky and invites unwanted clutter, as well as houses an undersized mirror.

3. Rugs serve as art for your floors.

After (family room)

SOLUTION – Rugs are portable pieces of color, texture and art. The first thing I start with in every space is an area rug. They can be used on all flooring surfaces including wall to wall carpeting. A really cool “orange area rug” grounds the space in the room and punctuates the space with a pop of color. Additionally, I have added an orange velour throw on the chair, and placed an orange book and orange decorative bowl on the new glass coffee. The TV was mounted over the fireplace and the messy mantel was removed. A piece of art was hung over the TV to fill the tall narrow wall and create a focal point. The large couch was placed opposite the TV for maximum viewing, while 2 chairs flank the the fireplace to create a conversational area. A single orange silk pillow happily lives on the sofa as the final orange accent. Lastly, the walls, shelving and ceiling have been painted a calming soft gray to make the room feel less choppy and more cohesive.