hangermgtMy Story Part 1

While my divorce was underway and my house was on the market, I had only 2 weeks to leave the place I had lived in for the last 19 years. As if moving OUT wasn’t hideous enough, I realized that moving IN was equally challenging.

Settling into a new place required addressing walls, floors and ceilings. I soon realized that one of the most potent surfaces to address firstly, were my walls.

I could choose a new color for my walls, a color that made me feel good every time I stepped into the space. I could create an instant window by HANGing a mirror. I could HANG photographs of my son which completely delighted & uplifted me. And so, that was just what I did!

HANGing pieces of my favorite art also boosted my emotional state of mind and created a space that said “home.”

Michele’s story Part 2

Several years after my clients divorce, she was ready for a “space lift.” Her home really did not reflect her personal style. It had evolved into a cluttered hodge podge of photographs and mismatched frames…too many blank expressionless walls. She had become depressed and uninspired by her surroundings. It was time for a change.

Here’s what we did:

-We started by choosing new colors for her walls and trim. Picking the perfect palette for her had an immediate positive mood altering affect.
-By reframing her favorite photos in similarly matched frames and creating a family gallery on a prominent wall in her house, we gave her special photos the respect they deserved. This also helped declutter her space.
-Many beautiful paintings from her grandma’s house were stored in her attic. These pieces of art came from her happy childhood days and were not being enjoyed at all. So we artfully peppered these heirloom memories throughout the rest of her space. This was the perfect way to surround her with memories that made her smile.

-We purchased a large mirror and hung it directly across from her living room window. 3 things were achieved by doing this:

1) It reflected the “outside” into her living room, which had a lovely view of trees and a pond. Views of nature always makes us feel good and promotes calm and comfort.

2) It brought in more natural light by creating the illlusion of another window. Who wouldn’t want another window?

3) It made the space appear larger than it actually was. Reflective surfaces also create movement and bring life to an otherwise stagnant space.

Studies show that emotional pain, heart rate and blood pressure are lowered when surrounded by a pleasing color palette and views of nature.

HANGing things on you walls is one of the secrets to creating a warm, personalized space. THINK OF IT LIKE A BIG WARM HUG.

Now the only thing left for Michele to do is HANG out in her new homey space.