feelingblueColor, just like music, is the universal “visual” language seen around the world. The color BLUE, has been proven to lower your blood pressure and immediately induces a peaceful state of mind. This is why we enjoy a clear blue sky on a beautiful summer day or the turquoise crashing waves of the ocean. It simply makes us feel more relaxed and less stressed. This is nature’s way of giving us the gift of serenity.

By Choosing BLUE, I:
* created a peaceful, calming mood
* reduced blood pressure
* identified client’s personal style



Client Testimonial:
” After living in Short Hills for 25 years and navigating through a devastating divorce, I decided to move to my beach house in LBI. I realized that I needed to be in a nurturing space; one that was calming and peaceful that didn’t remind me of my failed marriage. Jodi had staged my house in Short Hills prepping it sale after my divorce. Now I was ready to have her come back once again to provide design direction for the beach house. She showed me that by simply choosing the correct color palette I could achieve that peaceful, calming mood before I even went into the finer details of furnishings. She chose the most serene BLUE. And even as I gazed at the color in the open can, I felt myself relax. You should see it on the walls…even better!”



Balancing Color:

The proper balance of color can make a substantial difference in defining how a room “feels” as well as it appears visually. This is always crucial to address after any devastating transition such as divorce. The strong psychological power of color is undeniable.

A vibrant or intense color used as an accent on walls for example, may create a powerful statement for the entire room. It can also emotionally stimulating and energizing.

On the other hand, contrasting colors (light against dark or dark against light) emphasize home furnishings and highlight favorite pieces of art giving a sense of personal strength.

Soft, neutral colors are refreshing and offer a quieter alternative, soothing the soul. Pale walls and ceilings, similar in tint, create a larger, more expansive looking room.

Similarly, darker deep hues on walls and ceilings give the illusion of pushing the walls of the room outward, thus creating the impression of a deeper space. It also implies elegance and richness making one feel house proud and confident.


Universal Language of Color:


Blue does the opposite of red by lowering your blood pressure, and produces a feeling of calm. Warmer blues are soothing, comforting and homey, while cooler blues can be icy and sterile.


Purple is the color of royalty and elegance. It is sophisticated, yet it can also be whimsical depending on what it is paired with. The lighter shades can be calming and meditative.